Guaranteed profit

Rubles is paying up to 6% every day. Plus excess profits, after each trading session depend on rate of the ruble.

No need of trading skills

You don't need to trade on the market - Rubles will do it instead of you. Just choose direction of the course and get more profits.

Withdraw earnings at any moment

You don’t like to wait until depoosit will be avaliable for withdrawal? In Rubles you can withdraw your deposit whenever you want.

Secured on 100%

"Rubles" uses dedicated servers wich are fully protected from DDoS attacks with certified SSL.

News of the service

29 Jul

Skype of technical support has been changed to: ...

29 Jul

It was seen fraudulent skype account of Support ...

28 Jul

Today, July 28, at 1:30 UTC, was made ...

27 Jul

Since the beginning of the service Rubles passed ...

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Market news

30 Jul

The dollar gained ground against the other major ...

29 Jul

The dollar was steady against the other major ...

28 Jul

The dollar moved higher against the euro and ...

27 Jul

The dollar slid lower against the euro and ...

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Currently produced accruing of excess profits

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Last 10 deposits on decline of dollar against ruble
Login Payment system Amount
nlilinPerfect Money$11.00
ditimtudoPerfect Money$49.00
Linh2pPerfect Money$45.00
AymardPerfect Money$25.00
vitalkosPerfect Money$10.00
vs17091964Perfect Money$10.00
rendnetPerfect Money$18.00
Last 10 deposits on rising of dollar against ruble
Login Payment system Amount
Hamoudy2015Perfect Money$32.50
hoanghungPerfect Money$49.99
HuyPerfect Money$10.00
mas09tehPerfect Money$49.99
andreimironPerfect Money$10.60
allurPerfect Money$10.00
Oleg1967Perfect Money$42.00
Bears - total deposited
Bulls - total deposited



Last 5 withdrawals: $4.12(lamvinh8888) $1.13(INVESTMIX) $10.62(InternetInvestments) $1.54(bank) $5.56(DoQuang)

Total amount of Excess profits accrued: $10581.95
Total amount of users: 4115 users
How it works?

Financial service Rubles is functions on Forex. The Service divides funds of our investors “bears” (prognosing decline of dollar to ruble) and “bulls” (prognosing rising of dollar to ruble) on two market accounts with different directions of trade.

Every day all active deposits get guaranteed profits from 4% to 6%, according to the investment plan. According to changing of ruble course for the last trading day bears or bulls gets excess profits (after trade session closed 21:00 UTC). Excess profits is calculating as a price difference of the last deal of trading day and closing price of the last trading day, and calculated as a percentage.

For example, the dollar rose against the ruble by 5% during the last trading day. In this case, on the deposits of "bulls" accrues excess profit- 5%, plus a guaranteed income (4% -6%) and deposits of "bears" - gets only a guaranteed income (4% -6%).

The investor chooses to open a deposit - by lowering or raising the dollar against the ruble (the maximum possible number of open deposits - 12). The change of direction of the deposit (bulls or bears) can be made once a day from 21:30 to 15:00 UTC.

Any way: you money will be secured from the inflation with guaranteed profit from 4% to 6% per day, and greatly increase your funds in a short time.

Why it works?

Today - course of ruble is really volatile (changes of the price can be up to 15% per day in one of the sides). Currency pair USD / RUB traded in the long term in certain broad framework, without going beyond them.

Use of reliable trading strategy, in the style of some hedge funds - aggressively trade in both directions, Rubles traders shows the results more than 10% per day pure income, this income allows us to pay off with our investors quite profitable and fast. Using the partition into roughly equal shares between "bulls" and "bears" in the Rubles financial fund - we can take profits every trading day on the accounts that have worked in the profitable direction of the exchange rate and to successfully overcome the fall on the opposite direction of exchange rates.

Moreover not only our traders bring us income, we are also re-investing money to profitable PAMM-accounts, thereby diversifying the total capital.